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An Aussie-owned micro-investment app plans to launch in the United States next year, and has also begun a new podcast to discuss the basics of cryptocurrencies.

Perth-based Bamboo is funding the US launch through a recent $4 million Series A funding round.

Investors included Australian crypto hedge fund Orthogonal Trading; Mountain Ash Investment Management; fund manager VP Capital; and other family offices and social influencers.

Bamboo says it now has $11 million in Bitcoin, Ethereum and precious metals under management, up from $9 million in August.

Bamboo CEO Blake Cassidy says while there are other crypto apps in the United States, the company sees a gap in the market for their simple, accessible app that focuses on micro-savings.

“Our app enables investors who are new to digital currencies to harness techniques like rounding and dollar-cost-averaging to build their investment and secure their financial future,” he said.

“At a time when savings accounts just aren’t providing meaningful returns to customers and extortionate property prices mean real estate is no longer the go-to investment option for the average person, Bamboo is introducing people to an alternative, easy and secure source of financial growth.”

Crypto Curious podcast

The company is also collaborating with finance and investment media company Equity Mates to launch a new weekly crypto podcast, Crypto Curious.

Podcast hosts Cassidy, chief operating officer Tracey Plowman and head of growth Craig Jackson aim to make crypto accessible and digestible for those who might find it daunting or intimidating.

The series is