• (4:30) – Breaking Down The Current Bitcoin ETF Filings

  • (8:45) – Futures Backed vs. Physically Backed Bitcoin ETF: Which Is More Attractive?

  • (15:25) – Understanding The Approval Timeline: Who Will Be The First Available?

  • (18:50) – Evolve ETFs Success In Canada: Bitcoin ETF (EBIT)

  • (29:00) – Which Type of Bitcoin ETF Is Best For Your Portfolio?

  • (32:35) – Understanding The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

  • (36:40) – What Impact Will China’s Cryptocurrency Regulations Have On The Market?

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In this episode of ETF Spotlight, we focus on bitcoin ETFs, which may get regulatory approval in the US soon. It has been eight years since the Winklevoss brothers first applied for a bitcoin ETF. Many ETF providers have since filed for a crypto ETF, but the SEC has denied all those requests. A bitcoin ETF may finally become a reality this year.

In the first part of this episode, my guest is James Seyffart, ETF Research Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. We talk about the state of bitcoin ETF filings and why an ETF could be approved in October.

In the second part, I speak with Raj Lala, CEO at Canadian ETF provider Evolve ETFs.  Evolve currently offers three crypto ETFs. We discuss how these ETFs work.

The bitcoin market capitalization now exceeds $800 billion and some public companies like Tesla TSLA and MicroStrategy MSTR hold it on their balance sheets. While the digital currency can be easily bought on platforms like PayPal PYPL, Coinbase COIN and Robinhood HOOD,