Despite there still being work to be done to further diversify the crypto space, many believe the blockchain sector is generally more diverse than other tech industries. This could be because cryptocurrency boasts financial inclusion and the democratization of global economics, attracting a wide variety of people from various nationalities, ethnicities, genders, etc., from around the world.

Among this diverse group of participants, Black American founders and thought leaders, in particular, have helped advance the blockchain and crypto sector. While a number of these individuals have founded blockchain companies or venture capital funds, many have also placed a large emphasis on an important, yet often overlooked, element: education.

Educating the public on blockchain and crypto

Isaiah Jackson, author of Bitcoin & Black America and host of The Gentlemen of Crypto podcast, told Cointelegraph that education and awareness are bringing more Black Americans into the crypto and blockchain space:

“We have a number of amazing Black people working in the Bitcoin and crypto industry, but many people remain unaware,” he said, adding further: “These individuals are doing their part to provide books, resources, and guides to the Black American community.”

Specifically, Jackson explained that he wrote Bitcoin & Black America as a source for those in his community wanting to better understand how Bitcoin (BTC) could be used as a tool for financial freedom:

“Years of exclusion and discrimination in the current financial system have affected the black community, so I wanted to share information about a new