Below is a lightly edited transcript of the podcast:

SAM HELTMAN: Are we there?


SAM: Are we there?

JOHN: Sam, we’re not going to be there for a little while.

SAM: Are we there?

JOHN: We have eight minutes.

SAM: Are we there?


JASMINE FERNANDEZ: This is your regular host John Heltman and his daughter. They are on their way to a local 7-Eleven to run a very 21st century errand: buying some cryptocurrency.

JOHN: Alright honey, we’re going to buy some Bitcoin.

SAM: Bitcoin?

JOHN: That’s right. Here we go …

FERNANDEZ: So John, can you tell us what your experience was like getting Bitcoin?

HELTMAN: Yes, I can. You have to set up a wallet first. So I did some research on how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. I found some cash that I had in my wallet. And I went to the nearest Bitcoin ATM with my daughter, who was home that day and we went and we got some Bitcoin. We went up to the ATM and it’s just in a 711 it’s not like next to a regular ATM, I