The truth is in there.
The truth is in there.
Image: Mickey Duzyj

A sudden and unexpected death. Millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency gone. Amateur detectives poring over digital puzzle pieces in a desperate bid to reclaim what’s theirs. 

If you paid attention to the world of cryptocurrency over the past decade, the story of QuadrigaCX might sound familiar. At least in the beginning, anyway.

The now defunct cryptocurrency exchange, an online clearing house of sorts where mom and pop investors could turn dollars into bitcoin or ethereum, was once the largest of its kind in Canada. 

Founded in 2013 by Gerald Cotten, by late 2018 the exchange had approximately 363,000 registered users and supposedly held roughly C$180 million worth of cryptocurrency in a combination of so-called hot and cold storage digital wallets. That was in addition to the C$70 million in assorted funds.

And then, in late 2018, Cotten unexpectedly died while honeymooning in India — taking the digital keys to his customers’ cryptocurrency to the grave with him. 

Or, at least that’s the tragic