Cryptocurrency supporters and investors have hoped for some sort of validation by the federal government that stops short of enhanced scrutiny, and Yellen appears to stand in their way. An initial wariness of Yellen has quickly morphed into outright hostility. Investors and lobbyists were incensed by Treasury’s push this month for new tax reporting requirements on cryptocurrencies as part of the $1 trillion infrastructure package. They complain that Treasury officials do not return their calls, refuse to take their views seriously and do not give them advance notice about moves related to their industry. (A Treasury spokesman rejected this characterization.) Backers of cryptocurrency have lobbed thousands of posts on social media and in chat forums claiming that Yellen wants to annihilate the industry. One crypto podcast, “Thinking Crypto,” alleged that “Yellen is a lap dog for the bankers,” and another accused her, inaccurately, of supporting Modern Monetary Theory and being beholden to a “nanny-state mind-set.”