Decode the mysteries of cryptocurrency with NOVA Entertainment’s latest original podcast.

Fancy learning a bit about Bitcoin but finding crypto too cryptic? You’re certainly not alone.

Decoding Crypto is here to help by simplifying cryptocurrency and debunking the myths in a NOVA Entertainment original podcast.

Hosted by expert crypto investors, Justin Baldori and Jason Pizzino, Decoding Crypto aims to demystify the world of cryptocurrency and how to use it to invest.

Decoding Crypto debuts with digital asset exchange and crypto trading platform, Zipmex, coming on board as launch sponsor.

Kane Reiken, NOVA Entertainment’s Digital Commercial Director: “With Australians increasingly looking to take control of their financial future, there is a natural curiosity about digital assets like Bitcoin as an alternative investment opportunity.

“This podcast aims to take the mystery out of it, giving listeners the knowledge to help them take their first steps in capitalising on this evolving landscape.

“We know there is already a wealth of expertise within podcasting, so we’re excited to bring something unique to the space, built specifically for beginners. Decoding Crypto an easily digestible way for a new generation of investors to get up to speed in a simple and engaging format.”

Justin Baldori: “I’m really excited to be hosting Decoding Crypto and breaking down the fascinating world of crypto with Jason. It’s an exciting space that can be quite difficult for young people to learn about, so this podcast will be a great stepping stone to share insights and learnings from our journey. I can’t wait to get started!”

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