Cory Johnson Host of the ‘Drill Down’ podcast and Epistrophy Capital Managing Member joined Yahoo Finance to discuss the latest on bitcoin and Facebook’s win against regulators.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: All right, we are about 18 minutes to the closing bell. Let’s check markets before we get there into the next segment because we’re going to be talking about Bitcoin. Look at this. The Dow is up about 16 points. S&P 500, up about half a point. And then the NASDAQ is up about 25 points.

Will we set some records? We still have 18 minutes to set those records before the closing bell. By the way, want to mention that Bitcoin– Bitcoin has been trading higher today. And it’s now, you want to buy yourself a Bitcoin, it’s going to cost you $36,275, almost the same as a good bottle of Sonoma Coast or Sonoma County, Pinot Noir. The person who would know that best is Cory Johnson. He is host of the drill down podcast. He’s joining us now. And I’m–

CORY JOHNSON: From underneath–

ADAM SHAPIRO: –jealous that you get to–

CORY JOHNSON: –here in San Francisco. Thanks for throwing me. There he is.

ADAM SHAPIRO: [LAUGHS] You get the good wine at a discount. Let me ask you real quick– when we look at Bitcoin and we hear about some of these institutional investors and the bigger holders of Bitcoin, are they– I don’t want to use the word manipulating. But I’ve got to believe