On today’s episode of 5 Things: Gen Zers and millennials endured two “once-in-a-lifetime” recessions during their prime earning years. That’s caused a lot of financial pain, especially for people of color, women, LGBTQ people and other populations that disproportionately face wealth gaps and financial insecurity

Young people are turning to cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ethereum because they can be an opportunity to make more cash quickly. They’re also learning about stocks on social media.

How are young people navigating these new investment choices? What should they keep in mind and steer clear of?

USA TODAY personal finance and markets reporter Jessica Menton joins host Claire Thornton to discuss what social and economic factors are influencing young investors during the U.S.’s current financial rebound.

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Claire Thornton

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Gen Zers and Millennials have endured two once-in-a-lifetime recessions