Crypto trader and analyst Alex Krüger recently commented on why Cardano might be the most sought-after crypto among new investors. He attributed the popularity of ADA to “a podcast.”

While crypto podcasts are popular, he was referring to the one hosted by Charles Hoskinson.

Hoskinson is the co-Founder and CEO of IOHK, the company behind Cardano, and is active on social media platforms. On his channel, he explains concepts that include Cardano’s update proposals, global crypto challenges along with conducting regular AMA or ‘ask me anything’ sessions.

It might essentially mean that he can deliver clarity to first-time investors on his project, according to Krüger.


On the Cardano upgrade front, the community released its near-term status update on October 8. It stated that the team is working on an October maintenance upgrade along with making some more ERC20 deployments.

It also noted that for the improvement in decentralization, it has updated Cardano node dependencies along with reimplementation of the transaction confirmation modal.

Additionally, the Cardano team is reviewing a few testnets like Daedalus testnet v.4.3.2 and focusing on debugging, among other upgrades.